Memories or Regrets?

Traveling, enjoying friends and precious moments are taken for granted so easily. Three years ago, while I was traveling around Ireland with complete strangers that became great friends, I was more focused on the future than the present. Starting my adventure in Dublin, I met a group of people that changed my life. Now realizing what an experience I had helped me to recognize just what I missed. In the midst of my college days, I spent a great portion of my summer missing home, a special someone, and my daily routine. Being young and carefree is something I wish I was while exploring a different culture that seemed so surreal at the time. Looking back, as many of us do, I wish I could take myself back. I wish I could take myself back to the great memories that went by too fast.

We build our anxious thoughts up to our vacations, new chapters and new experiences. When those events occur, they come and go quicker than we always wish. We land to our destination and are filled with excitement to begin this lovely adventure. Unfortunately that lovely adventure turns into ‘I wish I would have’s.’

Every moment we are given for a fortunate situation, we need to live it. Live it in a way that when we go home, we know that we left nothing back. So many of us are consumed with making sure our phones have an international plan, and getting a hotel package that includes Internet, instead of exploring excursion options and stepping foot into something you would never do back home while living in your normal life.

I used Ireland as my example, but think to yourself when you have done this. Find the root of what brought about these regrets, and honestly ask yourself, was it worth it? Opportunities do not arise every day, and there are so many people that wish they could take away your regrets and make them their own.

Step out of your box. Step out of your comfort zone. Cherish the memories you have and share them. Document your fortune and misfortune because looking back and wishing you can do it all over again is a feeling of sadness and not of joy.


2013 Introduction of My Story

Hello, I am a 24 year old woman, living in the Northeastern portion of America and striving to make a name for myself. It is now 2013, and in despite of the media outrages swarming the news and the peer pressuring antics, I have woken up. I have woken up from judging, stereotyping, trying to ‘fit in.’ In this current year, with the newest technology and fashion trends, keeping up is becoming more of a consuming negative attribute that many people possess. What happened to pen pals, sharing scrap books and photo albums? No, I do not mean your photo album on your iPhone that you have altered each picture to make yourself look more flattering. With victimizing critics, and self absorption our generation is failing. Failing to share the memories that so many people need in order to be self fulfilled. These memories are what makes each of us individuals. They tell the story of our lives that we can never take back. From personal experience, I wish I can share with my new friends photo albums of my high school and college years. Instead, I tell them to look at my Facebook.

In this new year, I am vowing to get in touch with my inner self. I am vowing to read and write more, which for me, is the most thought provoking action. I will consume myself with the memories of my past and attempt to capture each of those through my blog. Despite my bashing of the newest technology, I plan on using my blog to create a story that is my life. I will reminisce on the memories I treasure the most. Each circumstance and situation I have went through has made me the person I am today. Not only do I want to share that with the world, but I want to create something I can cherish in years to come.